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Ski touring and backcountry in Gudauri and Kazbegi

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Ski touring and backcountry in Gudauri and Kazbegi

Any ski-touring itinerary in Gudauri / Kazbegi region. 6 hours - EUR 70

Are you skiing off-piste? It's time to try something new - ski touring or splitboarding in wild mountains. The program also will be interesting to experienced freeriders who limited in time.

December 20 - April 30
Lomisi Monastery ▲ 2200 м., Deda Ena Mt. ▲ 3488 м., Miketi's Spine ▲ 2930 м., Sno-Sioni Gorges, Arakhveti forest ▲ 2200 м., Narvani Gorge, Milioni Mt.
Vertical Drop
The total vertical drop up to 1000 meters
Number of participants
2-6 persons, 10 persons
1 day
Mountain guide, Avalanche instructions, Transportation
Beeper, probe, shovel, Helmet, Skitour / splitbord set, Telescopic (ski) poles, Skis for ski touring, Splitbord or Snowshoes
Avalanche Safety Gear (USD 20 per day), Skitour or splitbord set (USD 20 per day), Telescopic stick (USD 10 per day), Professional Photo Sessions (USD 50 per day, USD 150 for the whole trip), Snowshoes (USD 15)
Price for:
Price per person
Discount -20% For a group of 10 people


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