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Directions and routes in Georgian mountains. Travel Guides

Gudauri Backcountry Guidebook. Off-piste Ski Areas in Gudauri, Georgia.

Disclaimer of liability

Freeride in Gudauri - GuidebookBackcountry Skiing in Gudauri, Georgia. Guidebook for freeriders by Oleg GritskevichI have ridden each of the routes described in this section with my friends and clients more than a dozen times. I share this information and experience with those who feel they have the strength, confidence and, most importantly, the necessary skills to follow these routes independently, without a guide. But, no matter how much information I share, I cannot guarantee the correctness of the information on this website. I am not responsible for any injuries you may incur by attempting any of the routes I post on this page or elsewhere on the site. Use common sense - stay within your abilities, and if you want to go beyond your limits, do it only under the supervision of an expert. In this case, by the term "limits" I mean not only skiing on steep slopes in potentially dangerous areas but also the limitations of your practical skills in reading the terrain, choosing a line of descent, navigation, your survival skills, level of physical training, your language skills, etc. If in doubt, enlist the services of a professional Gudauri-based backcountry guiding outfit.
Do not use this information only for route planning. At the very least, read the topographic paper map and use a compass. The lines on the map and the route tracks in the GPS files in this section may contain errors, may be incomplete, and may cause you to pass through a dangerous area.

In a nutshell, use the information on this page at your own risk.

Keep safe and enjoy every day in the mountains!

Author of the Guidebook, Oleg Gritskevich.

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