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Bakuriani Luxe Chalet

Bakuriani Luxe Chalet, კოტეჯი. Hotels in ბაკურიანი, Georgia Bakuriani Luxe Chalet

This 160 square meter luxury Chalet for 10 persons has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large, open living room with a modern fireplace and an open kitchen. The tile floor is heated and there is a balcony on the second floor with a 15 square meter porch on the first floor. It has a natural artesian water well (laboratory tested) with an Austrian triple filtration system that makes the water drinking properties top of the line. For safety and security, each room has a fire/smoke alarm, the yard is under video surveillance, and the house is equipped with an security panic button on each floor of the house. The property is also protected by the Georgian State Security Police.

The Luxe Chalet has a 500 square meter yard surrounded with a 2.5 meter high wooden fence and a barbecue rack. There is also an open garage for two large size cars. The house is made of ecologically clean materials. All of the wooden walls, ceiling, and floor are pine and spruce, known for their medicinal and healing properties, and treated with bee’s wax wood protector. This villa is especially recommended for people with cardiovascular and respiratory problems.

The Luxe Chalet is located 300 meters away from the 25-meter ski slope in Bakuriani, adjacent to a large field perfect for snowmobiles. Access to the Chalet is easy by car from a major road - Once you pass the Gulf Petrol Station on your right, take the first left turn. Continue on this road for 400 meters, crossing a small bridge. Make a right turn, and then in forty meters, another right. Continue on for 250 meters, and you will arrive at the House.


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