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Altihut, Alpine Hut. Hotels in მესტიი, Georgia Sabertse Pass, Kazbegi, მესტიი, Georgia Altihut
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Sabertse Pass, Kazbegi, მესტიი, Georgia (Resort Map)

Altihut is opening a new chapter in development of the adventure tourism in Georgia. It is aimed to make tracking, hiking and mountaineering accessible and attractive in Caucasus Region to bigger audience then it is today. By constructing the HUT named AltiHut 3.014, Company Altitude is offering exceptional, professional and flexible services to our guests in a sustainable, innovative and environmentally friendly way; our mission is to make the stay unforgettable experience in our hut and in the Country.

Our Vision is to act as a change agent and make fundamental shift in adventure tourism and mountaineering culture in Georgia and make Georgian mountainous regions and adventure tourism valuable based on responsible leadership i.e. managing natural, economic and human resources responsibly and minimize our impact upon them. With this Impact Investment, Altihut team strives to deliver and create new Eco System in Kazbegi region, in order to make the climbing, tracking and hiking more secure and environmentally friendly.


Altihut is located on elevation of 3,014 meters ASL near so called Sabertse pass in the surroundings of the Gergeti Glacier on the way to the Mountain Kazbegi (5,047 m). It is located 800 m above the Gergeti Holy Trinity Church (XIV C) and at 600 m below the Bethlemi hut. The location was carefully selected after numerous visits together with various theme experts: avalanche specialists, geologists, civil engineers, local guides and tourism professionals. The chosen location of the AltiHut 3.014 situates above the village Stepantsminda (1’700m ASL), 156 km away from the capital Tbilisi in the North.

Another reason of choosing the location was determined with the absence of elementary waste management solution on the nearby place, which services as popular place for campers, which are on the way to the pick of Kazbegi mount. As it is much visited place, it was under the threat to become one of the dirtiest places on the planet. The initial aim ot the project was to install basic waste management system on this location... So this is how it started...


There are several ways to reach the place, for international visitors it is important to consider air and land access to arrive to Georgia; it is Visa free country for majority of states and indeed, one of the most hospital countries on the Planet Earth. Once you arrived in Georgia, the ways to access the AltiHut 3.014 is to get to small town Stepantsminda (Kazbegi Municipality), 150 km from the capital city Tbilisi in the North. The means of transport to reach the place is very well developed; it is accessible with cars, mini buses and helicopter. After reaching the Stepantsminda, you may use two main ways to get to AltiHut 3.014, by walking or by helicopter. In case of choosing the first option, the visitor can use car (taxi from the center) till Gergeti Trinity Church and then continue the journey towards the hut (as there is no motorway till the hut) or pass the whole distance from Stepantsminda to AltiHut 3.014 on foot. The distance from Stepantsminda to Gergeti Trinity Church is about 6 km by car or 4 km on foot and it takes approximately thirty minutes by car and approximately one hour on foot. As for the distance from the Gergeti Trinity Church to AltiHut 3.014, it is about 7 km and it takes approximately 2.5-3 hours to get to the location, only by walking.


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Altihut Alpine Hut, მესტიი, Georgia
42.660872937720506 44.558648242187455


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