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Information Package

Local Guide: Vedat Vural (Turkey). Ski Guide: Oleg Gritskevich (Georgia).

Tour Description

This unforgettable adventure tour in the authentic mountainous region of the Pontic Alps with Vedat Vural, the pioneer of ski touring in Turkey, and Oleg Gritskevich, author of the Still Wild Georgia guidebook series (Georgia) is transcendental immersion in true freeriding.


Day 1 / Saturday: Arrival to Erzurum. Night in Erzurum (hotel).
Day 2 / Sunday: Local shopping.  Transfer to the Kaçkar region ( 3 hours by car). Night in Meretet (guesthouse).
Day 3 / Monday: Skiing day I - Night in Meretet (guesthouse).
Day 4 / Tuesday: Skiing day II  - Night in Meretet (guesthouse).
Day 5 / Wednesday: Skiing day III - Night in Meretet (guesthouse).
Day 6 / Thursday: Skiing day IV -  Transfer to the Altıparmak region (1 hours by car). Night in Parkhali (guesthouse). 
Day 7 / Friday: Skiing  day V. Night in Parkhali (guesthouse). 
Day 8 / Saturday: Skiing  day VI. Night in Parkhali (guesthouse). Transfer. Night in Erzurum (hotel).
Day 9 / Sunday: Outgoing Flights.

Advantages of the region

1. THE REMOTENESS of the region from the main touristic routes and the vast range of slopes allows you to enjoy the mountains without the presence of other skiers and always leave the first track.

2. HIGH ALTITUDE. The high-mountain location of the base places of residence - we will live in the alpine zone, at altitudes above 2000 meters. It supports high-altitude acclimatization and allows the snow cover to stay long. Most routes start at the same altitude or even higher. It will enable getting fast to the beginning of the course in the big, without climbing through the forest mountains zone and going to the snow line (spring).

3. CONVENIENT LOGISTICS. Our region is 192 km from the ancient city of Erzurum, 242 km from the international airport in Rize, 320 km from the airport in Trabzon, and 280 km from the international airport of Batumi (Georgia).

4. DRY CLIMATE and allow the snow to stay dry for a long time.

5. HUGE POTENTIAL for multi-day backcountry routes in the mountain regions.

6. NATURAL HOME COOKING. The locals will cook simple, delicious dishes from homemade, natural products.

7. CULTURE. The region is interesting from its historical point of view - being at one time the territory of Georgia, many Georgian Christian ancient temples are located here. Now they have been converted into Muslim mosques. The Great Silk Road passed here and in the mountains. In addition to the Turks, the descendants of the Greeks, Armenians, and Georgians (Laz group) live. The locals are very caring and highly hospitable.

8. TEA. You will fall in love with the famous Turkish tea, the main plantations located in this region.


The choice of routes depends on the current avalanche and weather situation: visibility, precipitation, temperatures, and the condition and stability of the snow cover at different heights and exposures. A preliminary decision on entering a specific route is made the night before, and the final decision is made in the morning of the next day. On days of poor visibility, preference may be given to more accessible and shorter routes in the forest zone.
The routes' complexity and duration depend on the group's average level and previous mountain experience, determined by your guides after the first test ski tour on one of the easy routes.

Group size

The standard group size is 5 people. Maximum 8 people, subject to 1 guide per 4 people. Adding other members to the formed integral group is possible only upon agreement with the group. In this case, due to the recalculation, the tour cost will be reduced by distributing the program's total costs among all participants.


The program starts in the city of Erzurum. The meeting of the group at the hotel, the name, and the address will be announced later, closer to the arrival date. Getting to the hotel on your own, unless otherwise agreed in advance, is necessary.
a) From Erzurum Airport: The drive to the hotel will take about 35 min. 
b) From Rize Airport: The drive to Erzurum will take about 5 hours.
c) From Trabzon Airport: The drive to Erzurum will take about 6 hours.
d) From Batumi Airport (Georgia): The drive to Erzurum will take about 7 hours.


On the first and last day of the program, we will spend the night in a comfortable hotel in the city of Erzerum. Further, in the mountains, we will live in guest houses. The accommodation is quite simple for the first three nights in the village of Meretet; perhaps the nights could be cold - it is better to have a sleeping bag with a comfortable temperature of +5. The next three nights in a more relaxed and very warm guesthouse.
Type of accommodation in all accommodation options during the program - twin-sharing room.


Meals are twice a day (breakfast and dinner). Please take with you in advance (or buy in Turkey) your favorite nuts and dried fruits for snacks during the day in the mountains.
At the Erzurum Hotel, the breakfast is continental, with some influence from Turkish traditions - greens, pickles, cheeses, and desserts ... In the mountainous regions, delicious, simple home-cooked village cuisine is made from natural products. There is no lack of nutrition - if desired, there will always be an additive. Vegetarian dishes will be prepared according to your preference.

Internet and mobile connection

Everywhere on our routes, there will be a mobile connection of the TURKCELL in the places where the group lives - WiFi. You can buy a SIM card at the airport or in the city.

Program Fees

The participation fee depends on the size of the group.
Standard group of 4-5 people. Maximum 8 people (with two guides). 


Oleg Gritskevich
WhatsApp: +995 591 340 500

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