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Other types of activity in the mountains

Off-piste skiing in Gudauri

There are great opportunities for off-piste skiing (freeride) in the ski resort Gudauri. The relief of slopes in Gudauri and the location of lifts allows you to go to the untouched snow slope literally from any track.

Quality freeride in this case depends on several factors:

1. The number of fans of freeride skiers in Gudauri on this day – on weekend the off-piste enthusiasts are more due to tourists from Tbilisi. In high season (first half of January, late February - early March) the probability to find "the untouched virgin land" is reduced.

2. Visibility - in snowfall or fog the off-piste opportunities are sharply limited because of the difficulty in visual planning the route and the risk of losing speed on a flat plot. This often leads to the need for a long time to get out to the track without visual cues, and waist-deep in snow. It is also not uncommon for freeriders when they accidentally slide down to the next gorge Hado - struggle out of this place without the help of rescuers is almost impossible.

3. The last snowfall and snow conditions - usually all easily accessible freeride slopes in the resort become rolled out within 2-3 days after a snowfall.

4. The time of year - in the spring, during the second half of March and in April, the day when there are positive temperatures and night frosts, off-piste area is significantly expanded with the formation of firn in the fields under the mountain Bidara - in this case very interesting off-piste routes start from the lift on the upper point of the resort - the mountain Sadzele.

In Gudauri, except of off-piste under and close to the cable car, sometimes are being formed the groups of freeriders for the climb by snowcat to the mountain Sadzele, in those days, when the cable car is not working (often due to strong wind), but the avalanche situation allows you to make the descent. There are dozens freeride / back-country routes not far from the Gudauri, attain these routs is possible together with mountain guides. 

There are many off-piste skiing offers In Gudauri, both the amateurs (unfortunately) and by professional certified mountain guides. For information on snow conditions and avalanche situation, please contact the "Travel Bar" in New Gudauri (on the ground floor at the corner of the aparthotel “New Gudauri”). Here you can find the next programs from the certified mountain guides, to join the group, take a short avalanche course before going to the route, rent an avalanche gear (probe, beeper, shovel).

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