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General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy

Present Terms and Conditions refer to all services, rendered online, through email, phone or any mobile device. By attending, observing or using our web-site and/or while booking, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and approve the Terms and Conditions (including Statutes on Privacy) stipulated below.
Present websites, their information content and infrastructure, as well as online booking services of the accommodation objects, offered on these sites and by virtue of this web-site (hereinafter referred to as “Service”), belong, are under management and are provided by the Snow.Ge and are rendered for your personal, noncommercial using only, subject to the conditions of usage, stipulated below.

1. Description of Services

By virtue of present web-site we offer online-base with the help of which every object of temporary accommodation (for example hotel, hostel and guesthouse, hereinafter together referred to as “Objects of Accommodation”) may publish rooms for booking and visitors of the said web-site – may book the rooms. During booking through the web-site Snow.Ge you enter into direct contractual relations (of legal force) with the objects of accommodation, in which you book a room. Upon booking made by you, we act exclusively as an agent between you and the object of accommodation, transferring details of your order to the required object of accommodation and sending you electronic confirmation of booking on behalf of the Object in the form of a tourist voucher with individual code.

During the process of rendering our services, offered information is based on that, provided to us by the objects of accommodations. Objects of accommodation remain fully responsible for information updating considering prices, availability of rooms and other data, given on our web-site. Notwithstanding the fact that we are doing our best to assure quality of offered services, we can not warrantee accuracy, completeness or primness of entire information, we don’t bear responsibility for any mistake (including conspicuous or typographic errors), any delays (occurring due to (temporary and/or partial) damage, repair, improvement or back-up of our web-site or those of other entities), inaccurate, unreliable or false information or non-delivery of information.
Our services are rendered only for individual and noncommercial usage. On the strength of the said above, you are illegible to represent, create external hyperlink, use, copy, and monitor, reflect, download or reproduce any part of the content or information, software, products or services, offered on our web-site, of any commercial or competing activities or purposes.

2. Prices and Best Rate Guarantee

Prices on our web-site are competitive. All prices on the web-site Snow.Ge are given per rooms for entire period of accommodation and they include VAT and other taxes (which may be changed), if not otherwise stipulated on our web-site or in the electronic confirmation of booking.

If price is strikethrough, and next to it lower price is given, this means that the price on the given object of accommodation comes with special offer (discount on early or long-term booking). Consequently you receive the room with lower price compared with other check-in dates.
We want you to pay maximally low price for accommodation at the hotel. In case if after registration of booking you find in the internet a room at the same hotel with the similar booking conditions for lower price, we will offer to you same price, subject to the Terms and Conditions of Best Rate Guarantee.
Evident errors (including misprint) are not legally binding.
All special actions and offers are accordingly marked.

3. Privacy

Snow.Ge cares for safety of your personal data. For more information, please, learn section Privacy Policy.

4. Free Services

We offer our services absolutely free of charge. Unlike other companies, we don’t collect payments for your work and don’t add extra charges (for registering reservation) to the price of the room. We do not withdraw funds from your credit card until full confirmation of reservation – tourist voucher, which is sent to the email stipulated by you during booking.

5. Secure Payments with Visa and MasterCard on our website

We do not transfer data of your credit card to the third parties and the object of accommodation where you make booking. Our web-site works into the system of secure electronic payments, allowing payment of our service in the form of credit cards of international payments systems Visa and MasterCard. The system of secure electronic payments are realized on the cutting edge security standard – 3D secure, providing allowing maximal security for your payments on the Internet. Technology 3D Secure is the part of Visa “Verified by Visa” and MasterCard “MasterCardSecureCode”, which are purposed towards offering and providing secure and reliable methods of payment for goods and services on the Web.

6. Order Cancellation

While making booking in the object of accommodation, you accept and approve the Cancellation Policy, rules, acting in case of no-show and all additional terms and conditions (of rendering hotel services) of the accommodation object, including services and/or products, offered at the object of accommodation (terms and conditions of rendering hotel services may be received at the respective object of accommodation). Cancellation Policy and actions in case of no-show are rendered on Snow.Ge on the site of the object of accommodation.
If you want to check, change or cancel order, send application to the email giving description of the problem. Please, be informed that you may be charged with the fee for cancellation in compliance with the rules of the hotel considering cancellation and no-show.

7. Limitation of liabilities

Pursuant to the limitations, established in present Terms and Conditions within the bounds limited by Law, we carry responsibilities only for direct loss, truly inflicted, paid or recalled in consequence of efficient default of our liabilities upon rendering services by us within the bounds of aggregate amount of the gross price of your order, subject to the electronic confirmation of booking.
Notwithstanding the fact that neither company, nor any of our offices, directors, representatives, employees, branches, partner-affiliated and other companies or entities, participating in the creation, sponsoring, promoting and any other actions directed towards supporting of this web-site or its information content, carry no responsibility within the bounds established by the law for (1) any penalty, special, indirect and subsequent loss or confirmation, any loss in goods, profit, income, contract, loss or damage, (2) any inaccuracy touching upon (describing) information (including prices, availability of rooms and rating) of the object of accommodation, hosted on our web-site, (3) services or products, offered by the objects of accommodation, (4) any (direct, indirect, subsequent or penalty) damages, losses or beating, occurring or paid by you and formed in connection or as a consequence of the usage, impossibilities of usage or working interval of our website, or (5) any (personal) trauma, death, damage of property or other (direct, indirect, subsequent or penalty) damages, losses or damages inflicted or paid by you in consequence of (legal) acts, mistakes, errors, (grievous) dereliction of duty, willful misconduct, nonobservance, mispresentation, nonobservance of civil liabilities and direct obligation (entirely or partially) of the objects of accommodation (their employees, directors, managers, agents, representatives or company-affiliates), including any (partial) cancellation, overbooking, industrial action, force-majeure circumstances or any other uncontrolled events.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

Unless otherwise specified herein, all software, necessary for offering our service and/or used on our website and intellectual property rights (including copyright) belong to the Snow.Ge.
Snow.Ge reserves exclusive right of occupation, usage and disposal (all rights on intellectual property) (design style (including infrastructure)) of the website on which service (including feedbacks of the guests and translated content) is offered, and you are illegible to copy, analyze display data, create (hyper/internal) links on the website, publications, advertisement, marketing, integration, usage, incorporation or any other usage of the content (including any translations and feedbacks of the guests) or our brand without our written approval. To the extent to which you (entirely or partially) use or incorporate (translated) content (including feedbacks of the guests) or in any other form own the intellectual property right on the website or any (translated) content or feedbacks of the guests, by the same token you transfer and assign all rights on intellectual property of such kind in favor of Snow.Ge. Any unauthorized usage or any actions stipulated above, will be deemed to be essential violation of our rights on intellectual property (including copyright and access right for the database).
Original Russian version of these Terms and Conditions may be translated into other languages. Translated version is only unofficial and secondary translation, and you are illegible to claim any right, based on the translated version of these Terms and Conditions of Usage. In case of occurrence of dispute considering information content or intellectual data of the Terms and Conditions, as well as in case of noncompliance or inconsistence between data of Russian version and that of any other language of the Terms and Conditions of Usage, the version in Russian language shall prevail and be conclusive within the bounds established by Law.

Payment procedures

Payment on the Website may be provided through international bank SWIFT transfer, as well as by bank card Visa/MasterCard.
For payment for the procurement with bank card Visa/MasterCard, you should fill information about your payment card. Select type of payment system (Visa/MasterCard), enter card number, expiration date (on the obverse side), CVV2/CVC code (on the reverse side of the card); fill in the name and surname of the card holder (exactly as stipulated on the obverse side of the card).
All kinds of payment cards of international payment system VISA (VISA Inc.) having CVV/CVV2 codes are accepted for payment, as well as all kinds of payment cards of international payment system MasterCard (MasterCard Worldwide) having CVV/CVV2 codes. We recommend, before making payment on our website, inquire at the bank about possibilities of using your payment card on the Internet.

Privacy Policy

Snow.Ge offers informational and online service on its Website for organization of visit to the ski resorts of Georgia.

What kind of private information is used by Snow.Ge?

During booking registration you shall specify your name, address, phone number, email and payment details in case of payment with bank card.

What are the purposes Snow.Ge gathers, uses and transfers private data to the third parties for?

Feedbacks of guests: we may use your contact information to invite you to leave feedback after your stay at the object of accommodation. The feedbacks help other travelers find the most appropriate accommodations.
We also may forward to our customers by email. You can any time refuse receiving of marketing messages.
If we think that particular offer may be of your special interest – we may contact you by phone.
Other kinds of communication: we may write to you with ordinary mail or email, call you or send SMS (depending on the provided contact details) in following cases:
We are to answer the questions left by you.
If you don’t complete online booking procedure, you may receive an email reminding you about incomplete booking. We think that this service is useful to you, as it allows continuing booking procedures and not to start searching for a hotel from the beginning.

How Snow.Ge can transfer your data to the third parties?

Under particular conditions, we may offer your personal data to the third parties.
To the accommodation object booked by you: to complete booking we transfer your personal data to the object of accommodation booked by you. These data may include your name, contact details and all special demands specified by you during reservation.
Competent authorities: we may inform or disclose your personal data to the governmental or investigating authorities, if it is required by Law (or other act of legal force). These requirements include decision of the court, writs and orders, received in consequence of judicial trial or criminal investigation. We also can disclose your personal details if required for prevention, detection or prosecuting acts of crime.

How Snow.Ge uses feedbacks of guests?

After your stay at the accommodation object booked by you, you will receive invitation to write a feedback of a guest. Filling the feedback form, you give amen to publishing of your feedback on our website, for example, on the site with information about the hotel, or our site in social network.
The Snow.Ge carries responsibility for processing of personal data on its sites. In case of any suggestions or comments considering present Confidentiality Provisions, please, send an email to the address: