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Sights in Gudauri and Kazbegi region

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What to see in Gudauri and Kazbegi

Description of attractions that can be seen during a holiday at the Gudauri ski resort& - Interesting places, Monasteries, Ancient Buildings, Waterfalls, Museums, Natural attractions, and Intangible heritage.


• Pasanauri - the birthplace of Khinkali
• Alpine village Juta “CHAUKHI Valley”
• The hidden village of Tsdo  (42°41’33.1”N 44°38’6.7”E)
• Rooms Kazbegi Hotel: 


• “Lomisi Monastery”
• Sameba Monastery (Trinity), the route “Sobertse Pass”
• Dariali monastery (42°44’15.0”N 44°37’51.7”E)


• Ananuri fortress (42°9’49.5”N 44°42’10.7”E)
• Hada gorge towers in “Khada Valley”
• Gudauri Old Post (42°28’36.2”N 44°28’34.5”E)
• “Russia-Georgia Friendship Monument”
• Sioni Tower near “Sioni (Kamara Mt.)”
• Stone heads in “SNO Valley”
• Sno Fortress in “SNO Valley”
• Darial Gate - Queen Tamara Castle (42°44’17.7”N 44°37’32.1”E)


• Gveleti waterfalls (42°42’18.0”N 44°36’50.8”E)
• Chaukhi waterfalls in the “Chaukhi Mt. and Couloirs”
• Aragvi gorge waterfall (42°27’8.9”N 44°28’7.8”E)
• Ruins of an old stone village “Sheli & Miketi Mt.”


• Kazbegi History Museum (42°39’38.0”N 44°38’34.7”E)

Natural attractions

• Georgian military road from Tbilisi to Gudauri
• Fusion of white and black Aragvi (42°20’37.9”N 44°41’43.7”E)
• 42°8’52.6”N 44°46’23.9”E (42°8’52.6”N 44°46’23.9”E)
• Cross pass (42°30’16.6”N 44°27’13.5”E)
• Red travertine, natural monument (42°31’54.3”N 44°28’19.3”E)
• Mineral springs of the Truso Valley (just at summer) (42°35’15.2”N 44°25’22.9”E)
• Mount Kazbek
• Mount Chaukhi (“Georgian Dolomites”)
• Pool with geothermal water (42°38’45.9”N 44°37’45.6”E)

Intangible heritage

• Traditional Georgian feast in Kazbegi - in each Georgian family

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