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Cooperation offer for travel agencies

How to become a partner SNOW.GE?

SNOW.GE - Your reliable partner for Snow Georgia

We secure for travel agencies the booking of accommodation at ski resorts in Georgia at very minimal cost, the automatic online calculation of agent discounts, the on-line monitoring of the status of reservations, the necessary documentation, non-cash payments, and for your guests - the organization of meetings, accommodation, a solution to all possible questions arising from tourists on arrival at all the ski resorts of Georgia.

Terms of cooperation with travel agencies and tour operators

SNOW.GE offers discounts to travel agencies on the price of accommodation at ski resorts in Georgia, depending on the number of tourists directed by them during the winter season, with early reservations. Discount for tour operators set individually for each hotel but, as a rule, we offer to tour operators the following discounts:

01-10 persons: - 3% discount

11-20 people - 5% discount

21-50 people: - 10% discount

51-100 persons - 15% discount

More than 100 people - 20% discount

How to become an official partner SNOW.GE?

The tour operators authorized on the can book hotel rooms and apartments in the ski resorts of Georgia at lower prices than conventional visitors of the site. Authorization for tour operators is simple - you need to perform two steps:

1. Sign up on the website:

2. Send a request for authorization of your agency's to online booking system in the ski resorts of Georgia:

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