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Ski touring in CHAUKHI Valley

About the region

The Chaukhi region is a precious diamond of the area. Far enough from civilization, yet allowing receiving, in addition to the unsurpassed mountain experience, the most necessary things to explore the region for several days - housing and food. These mountains are impressing absolutely everyone - experienced adventurers never return disappointed. Someone called the Chaukhi the Georgian Dolomites. The northern slopes of Chaukhi are an excellent refrigerator and reservoir of dry snow.

When to go

It is too cold here in January - the sun’s rays, hidden by the high cliffs of Chaukhi, do not penetrate the valley. So February - March is an excellent time to explore this region. April - May is the best time for backcountry camp at the foot of the mountain.

Getting There & Back

It is impossible to get here by car in winter. The road is closed by numerous avalanche bodies. However, it is possible to reach the Juta village in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the danger of a new avalanche on the trail. It takes 1.5 hours to walk from the Sno Valley from the bridge (the last point, which can be reached by car) to the village. And be sure to take your passport or any identity card with you - there are Georgian border guards in the village who will most likely require documents from you. No prior permits are required to visit the region.

Accommodation and Food

The village of Juta is one of the few inhabited settlements in Europe. About ten families stay here for the whole winter. They spend the winter on supplies created in the summer, completely cut off from civilization. There are two accommodation options here. “Babushka” Lali can host a small group of 2-4 people. Large groups, up to 12 people, can stay and get food in the beautiful, warm Soso’s guest house.

I have a big request for the readers of this book. Please convey my best wishes to these heroic people when you are in Jute. I love them very much.
And you can bring them from the bottom some cigarettes, flour, sugar or vegetables. They will be very grateful.

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