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By car on the ski resorts of Georgia

By car on the ski resorts of Georgia

A trip on the mountain roads of Georgia in a rented car. General rules.

If  you plan the trip to the ski resort of Georgia in a rented car, read these recommendations before you go on a mountain road.

Checking car at the rental office before going to the mountains

When checking the car in the rental office, pay attention to the state of the tires, chassis, handbrake, dimensional/parking lights and low and high beam. Check the oil level. 

Ask the rental office to equip your car with a rope, a shovel, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, pump and accessories for wheel replacement in the event of a puncture.

Loading belongings and ski equipment

- When loading items and equipment in the car, heavy items should be put on the bottom of the trunk and light things - on the top. Ski gear in a cover should be fastened  with special tapes or rope on the roof luggage rack.

- On the way to the highlands, prepare in advance the warm clothes. You can expect there cold, strong wind and snow.

The mountain road is not stable

- Always be prepared for the fact that clean and dry road below you can suddenly become wet and slippery, and all visible landmarks can disappear in the dense fog.

Overtaking and siding with an oncoming car

- Low air pressure affects not only the well-being of people, but also the operation of the car engine. Vehicle power is appreciably reduced when climbing at high altitude. Keep this in mind when overtaking on the rise.

- Do not try to overtake anybody just before the closed turn!

- At the narrow siding line the advantage is given to a car moving uphill or near the precipice.

Braking on mountain roads

- For braking, when driving down a steep gradient, use engine. Brakes can only be a little help - just slightly press the brake pedal occasionally.

- If the brakes failed, for attracting the attention of people to the problems encountered, turn on the emergency lights. For braking, make the most of the engine and handbrake. 

The patrol police of Georgia

Patrol police combines the functions of traffic police and instant response to the complaints of citizens in an emergency service. Crews of two policemen ply between the all roads of Georgia. Patrol cars necessarily go with the included flashing beacons. The standard response to the incident - a few minutes. All patrol cars are equipped with computers, which provide the identification of any vehicle or the detainee. The patrol cars are also equipped with video cameras for recording the conversations of the crew and for surveillance.

Traffic rules in Georgia do not differ from international ones. In Georgia, the patrol will not stop you if you do not break the traffic rules. Patrol police stops driver if he simultaneously has a conversation on mobile or is not fastened with a seat belt - checking documents and a fine are guaranteed.

The main thing about what you need to remember driving the own or leased car in Georgia - patrol police is ready to help you immediately in the event of any problem or question. 


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